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Directly to the ceiling or wall – horizontally or vertically – on lines with carabiners.

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to the lugs of ROLFON rolls (one under another) or in order to create different configurations.

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to flat profiles hung horizontally or vertically, with an M6 screw.

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The idea behind ROLFON™ construction (apart from absorbing broad spectrum of waves) is its simple and easy installation. Every roll is finished on both sides with a lug for quick hanging. Unlike ceiling boards, which require a complicated system of racks, ROLFON™ offers a simple and cheap way of hanging it under the ceiling or on the walls.

ROLFON™ is attatched to a solid construction (horizontally or vertically) by a line with carabiners. Rolls can be attatched to each other in no time, one under another. This reduces the number of attatchment points… and detachment is just as quick and simple. The compact construction of rolls guarantees extreme impact resistance and the installation method puts no stress on the material (wool).