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Less effort… for extra profit

Apart from absorbing broad spectrum of waves, an additional goal in the production of ROLFON™ was to minimize the cost of installation by eliminating the need for racks and support frames. Our rolls are installed in no time (horizontally or vertically) with a carabiner, and the ROLFON™ rolls can be attatched to each other (one under another). This way reduces the number of attatchment points in the construction!

The cost of popular wool materials (ceiling boards, wall panels) is significantly higher due to the cost of racks and frames and their installation, so we need to include:

  • higher material cost (additional cost of frames)
  • higher labour cost (setting up the rack and attatching panels double the work)
  • longer construction time (two-phase installation – rack and attatching)
  • little to none absorption of low frequencies

The unique construction of ROLFON™ roll eliminates both construction costs (rack) and its installation, what means:

  • lower material costs (ROLFON™ does not require racks)
  • lower labour costs (just one phase – installation)
  • shorter construction time (instant installation – line and carabiner)
  • no need for bass absorbent (as it absorbs low frequencies)