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2 sound absorbing mechanisms

ROLFON™ is a revolutionary acoustic element, which absorbs noise in a much broader spectrum than the traditional ceiling and wall panels. All without the thickness of absorbing materials!

Due to its unique structure, ROLFON™ can enhance the acoustic absorption coefficient of waves between 150 and 500 Hz (1/3 octave) to an average of 0.84. It means almost 50% better absorption of lower frequencies, compared to standard ceiling and wall acoustic panels. ROLFON™ hybrid is a unique construction which uses 2 sound absorbing mechanisms: the resonant mechanism (characteristic for acoustic structures) and the absorption mechanism (as in popular absorbing materials). ROLFON™ roll is a true "exterminator", which eliminates reverberation noise in two ways.

What makes ROLFON™ so special among sound absorbing materials?

  • absorbs wide-frequency sounds - including low frequency range
  • 30% more effective compared to other sound absorbing materials
  • instant install… no truss or supporting constructions needed
  • knock-off proof… totally resistant to impact and breaking
  • no thermal bridges (when installed directly on walls or ceilings)
  • can be hung directly on the walls and ceiling
  • can be clustered together to form geometrical shapes